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ESP-LXD Decoder Controller by Rain Bird

Your foundation for simple, decoder-based control.

buy bitcoins credit card Building on the success of the popular ESP-Series commercial controllers, Rain Bird is pleased to introduce the new ESP-LXD controller. The ESP-LXD controller has been designed to maintain the look, feel and ease of programming of the ESP-Series controllers, while offering a 2-wire path for decoder-based irrigation. The ESP-LXD controller can manage up to 50 stations but can easily be expanded for use with up to 200 stations. Flow Management is also built in to every ESP-LXD controller. Intergrate with ET Cartridge for incredible water savings.

Controller Link by Irrisoft

Internet Acces to you Controller
Controller Link is a simple upgrade for existing sprinkler timers to provide climate controlled irrigation. Controller Link saves water by managing irrigation, based on real-time weather conditions. Climate conditions cause water to evaporate (ET) from the landscape. Each hour Controller Link uses Wi-Fi or Cat 5 wired Ethernet to retrieve weather information through the Internet from precision ET Weather Stations Plants thrive with deep, less frequent watering that sustains a healthy balance of air and water. To know when to water, Controller Link combines site specific settings with real-time ET and rainfall measuerments, and then manages your sprinkler system for optimal soil moisture levels. When it rains, Controller Link prevents watering but also knows how long to wait after it rains before watering again. Controller Link saves time by eliminating the need to travel to controllers to make scheduling adjustments when the weather changes. It is ideal for residential or commercial applications with any number of stations and saves water by 20% to 60% over traditional sprinkler timers

Rain Bird

Efficent and precise landscape water management is key to prevention of outdoor water waste. Now thanks to the Rain Bird ET Manager, there is an accurate, intellegent, and convenient irrigation management solution. Compatible with nearly any existing controller, the Rain Bird converts standard landscape irrigation systems into smart, self-adjusting systems utilizing real time weather data. Through weather-based irrigation control, the ET Manager drastically reduces water waste and promotes a healthier landscape. Whether you are a water agency, contractor, specifier, or a homeowner, the Rain Bird ET Manager is a smart choice.

About Aquasave

Aqusave was formed in 2003, following a need to find solutions to high water use in irrigation. Originally, associated with Irrisoft as a manufactures representatives for the WR-7 “Weather Reach Receiver”, and providing ET data for the WR-7. In 2006, Irrisoft began maunfacture on the Rain Bird ET Manager which Aquasave also provides data for. In 2007 Aquasave expanded it’s weather network to over 400 weather stations across the country. Aquasave remains the largest provider of ET data for Rain Bird in the country.

About The Founder.
Jim R founded the company in 2003. Jim has over 17 years of irrigation experiance. He is a Certified Irrigation Contractor, Ceritified Irrigation Designer, Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor, Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor and a EPA Water Sense Partner.